Jobs @ Connected Mobility

At present, we have the following job openings.  As our working language in the research group is English, we post our open positions in English, unless the project context of the position requires command on the German language.

PhD position: Edge Resource Modeling and Management in 6G (4 years)

This research topic is in the field of resource management for wireless network that leverage “digital twins” modeling aspects of the physical (such as user mobility, user demands, wireless system deployment) as well as the digital world (such as networking, memory, computational resources for different applications). Information about the physical and digital world is continuously sensed and/or explicitly shared to provide a model of 6G network environment and its users – encouraging design of algorithms, protocols, and systems that “intelligently” fuse data and extrapolate future (short-, mid-, and long-term) network capacity demands from past and present observations in a privacy-preserving manner. Such solutions shall be able to allocate resources that satisfy the user demands in real time while also considering the operator goals of maximizing resource utilization and maintaining service level agreements. The focus of this thesis project will be on realtime operation and ensuring user privacy across all operations. This thesis will be carried out in tandem with a PhD student in EE working on energy efficiency and sustainability as well as real-time properties.

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Contact: Prof. Jörg Ott <>

MSc position @ Airbus: Information-centric networking for airborne networks

The aim of this work plan is to show how an Airborne Network based on hICN could look like, describing and evaluating the benefits and constraints of hICN. The focus will be to demonstrate how IP services such as HTTP and WebRTC can be provided based on hICN in a network encompassing two segments: ground segment with adhoc segment.

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Contact: Paulo Mendes <>

Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft im Bereich Systemadministration:

Wir suchen eine*n Bachelor-/Master-Student*in in der Informatik zur Verwaltung und Erweiterung der bestehenden Infrastruktur am Lehrstuhl. 

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