IFITT Master Thesis Excellence Award

The 2020 IFITT Master Thesis Excellence Award was awarded to Saadi Myftija, a graduate of the Chair of Connected Mobility. This international prize is awarded annually to students who successfully defended their theses in the field of tourism and technology.

Saadi Myftija defended his thesis "Data-Driven Destination Characterization in a Conversational Recommender System" in January 2019 and has published two papers out of it:

  • Myftija, Saadi; Dietz, Linus W.: CityRec — A Data-Driven Conversational Destination Recommender System. e-Review of Tourism Research 17 (5), 2020, 808--816. OPEN ACCESS PDF
  • Dietz, Linus W.; Myftija, Saadi; Wörndl, Wolfgang: Designing a Conversational Travel Recommender System Based on Data-Driven Destination Characterization. ACM RecSys Workshop on Recommenders in Tourism, 2019. OPEN ACCESS PDF

The thesis can be downloaded from Github and there is video presentation of his talk at the ENTER eTourism Conference.

The developed recommender system, CityRec can be tried out at http://cityrec.cm.in.tum.de/.

Congratulations, Saadi!