Trinh Viet Doan, M.Sc.

Phone:+49 89 289-19495

TUM Department of Informatics
Chair of Connected Mobility (I11)
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching

Viet is a research assistant and PhD student at the Chair of Connected Mobility at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), from where he also obtained his M.Sc. in Informatics.

Research Interests

  • Distributed Internet, (De)Centralization, Consolidation
  • Internet Measurements, Network Analysis
  • Network Topologies and Architectures
  • Content Delivery
  • Censorship, Privacy, Anonymity, Security

Open Thesis Topics

If you are interested in one of the thesis topics, feel free to contact me for more details. 

  • No explicit thesis topic available at the moment
  • Got a thesis topic in mind that aligns with my research? Let me know!

Other thesis and research topics are listed here



  • Trinh Viet Doan, Justus Fries, Vaibhav Bajpai: Evaluating Public DNS Services in the Wake of Increasing Centralization of DNS. IFIP Networking Conference, June 2021.
  • Trinh Viet Doan, Irina Tsareva, Vaibhav Bajpai: Measuring DNS over TLS from the Edge: Adoption, Reliability and Response Times. PAM Conference, March 2021.



  • Trinh Viet Doan, Ljubica Pajević, Vaibhav Bajpai, Jörg Ott: Tracing the Path to YouTube: A Quantification of Path Lengths and Latencies Toward Content Caches. IEEE Communications Magazine, January 2019.